It's been a comedy-of-errors style weekend.
  1. Roommates somehow dub me in charge of making a friend's "sign" for her 21st birthday party
    One of those situations where the "we" actually means "you"
  2. Go to a friend's play on Friday night. The play ends up being about 3 hours long.
    Hey, at least they had refreshments at the end.
  3. Show up 2 hours early (on accident) to a middle school basketball tournament
    Younglife leader probs, am I right?
  4. Car overheats, stuck in a movie theater parking lot for an hour
    All I wanted were some groceries.
  5. Said 21st birthday party happens.
    Hello, my name is designated driver/cleaner-upper
  6. Show up to church Sunday morning 30 minutes early by accident
    Early is better than late, right?
  7. Goes to coffee shop to study. Coffee shop full. Relocates. Has forgotten notecards for studying.
    I mean really?