This summer, take your significant other on a date to remember. Whether it's a first date or a last date, make it a date that he/she will tell their friends all about. Here are some fun ideas!
  1. Plant A Garden
    Stop carving your initials in trees and start planting them! Nothing shows your more caring than raising a mighty oak. And if one of you needs to hide a body under the tree, it's a perfect time to do so!
  2. Cook Your Date A Loving Meal
    What says "I love you" more than a mother's Placenta? Sharing a nutritious and 100% natural dish with your partner can create a bond that no pair of fuzzy handcuffs can mimic. So dig into your parents' freezer and find the Ziploc bags labeled "memories", if you want to give your lover a night to remember.
  3. Armed Robbery
    Give a little "Bonnie and Clyde" spice to your love life! And nothing builds more trust in a partner than shaking down a local business for all they're worth. She's got his back and he's got hers.
  4. Perform A Seanace
    Connecting with each other is fun and all, but connecting to the ghost of a 1920's serial killer is a real blast and a half! They're soul have never rested and neither have their party spirit. Grab a copy of the Satanic Bible & a jar of salt and you're good to go. If one of you speaks Latin, that's a plus!