I sometimes worry people don't play video games because they think they are hard and meaningless and violent and take a lot of time. These games aren't like that.
  1. Proteus
    Take a peaceful walk through a digital wilderness. Press space bar to sit down.
  2. Cart Life
    Live the daily struggles of an immigrant coffee vendor. Don't forget to feed your cat.
  3. Mountain
    Take care of a pet mountain. It is a metaphor for your soul. Designed by the animator who created that awesome future game in Her.
  4. Gone Home
    Come home from your semester abroad to find your parents house is mysteriously empty. Search through objects to uncover a lesbian love story. Get nostalgic for the 90s. Get spooked. Cry.
  5. Passage
    Grow up, fall in love, grow old, die. Takes two minutes.
  6. Kentucky Route Zero
    Navigate a magical highway as an aging trucker making deliveries for an antique store. Like a choose-your-own Murakami novel with beautiful art.
  7. Journey
    Walk through a desert towards a distant mountain. Learn to fly. Meet a real life stranger who is playing at the same time as you. Press X to sing with them. Never find out who they were. Never see them again.
  8. Papers Please
    Perform the duties of a border control officer in a communist country. Check documents. Provide for your family. Try not to feel.