As the fall semester is beginning to wrap up and finals are looming upon us I am beginning my semester regular panic attack that is finals
  1. Alright I'm gonna be on top of shit and start studying already
  2. Wow I'm so responsible I'm gonna destroy these exams
  3. GO ME
  4. I'll just turn on Netflix for some background noise
  5. Oh my gosh I can't wait for winter break
  6. Hey, I'll get to sell my textbooks in a week! Maybe if I'm lucky I can make $100 back on this $400 investment
  7. Ugh I haven't even thought about Christmas presents yet
  8. Oh my gosh I've already watched 6 episodes of The Office and haven't done anything yet
  9. I should probably at least open a book
  10. AHHH one semester closer to graduating and having to get a REAL job
  11. Oh no I'm actually gonna fail. Then what am I gonna do with my life