Give them the respect they fucking deserve you pagans.
  1. Every Time I See Your Face
    This wouldn't be out of place on a late Beatles record. A banjo/fiddle showdown is entirely necessary...
  2. Rich Girl
    Two and a half minutes of triple distilled pop songwriting. This is the Hall & Oates equivalent of blue meth.
  3. I'm Just A Kid Don't Make Me Feel Like A Man
    John Oates took a backseat most of the time, but this is what he did best. Clever bastard.
  4. I Can't Go For That
    It's like they were writing it for a sleazy Scorsese movie. Pretty much invented Yacht Rock.
  5. She's Gone
    I can't listen to this song in public because the bit where they trade ad-libs at the end makes me sex-wee in my pants. Extra points for being outrageously stoned in the video.
  6. Abandoned Luncheonette
    1. The eponymous album, as this list illustrates, is amazing. 2. Hall & Oates were brilliantly inventive lyricists.
  7. Grounds For Seperation
    Another song that throws in the kitchen sink in the final third, much like the first song on this list. Crazy production, badass guitar solo, beautiful backing vocals and strings. Hall and Oates give good breakup song.
  8. I'm Sorry
    I think it's important to note at this point that H&O made a really crappy first album. This song, however, gave a little taste of what was to come.