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Almost all of this takes place eating or watching sports or both
  1. 30% Complaining
    About neighbors, co-workers, or member of family not present
  2. 20% Talking about Game of Thrones or OJ Simpson or whatever they are watching that week
    I can't stand when they continue to get names wrong in GOT
  3. 10% Talking about our dogs
    But how could you not talk about that face
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  1. Gee I don't know, someone with experience maybe
    Hate on her all you want, at least she isn't an oompalompa
  2. Let Barry keep going
    Always thought the 2 term rule was stupid. If they are killing it and keep getting elected why make them stop? Side note: He looks like he is in Cory in The House in this pic
  3. A blind person
    They won't see people by color of their skin or turban
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  1. DISADVANTAGE: Your parents/loved ones have a good chance of dying
  2. ADVANTAGE: You and your superhero crew are probably very hot
  3. DISADVANTAGE: Seen as a criminal by the news and police
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  1. Woody Allen
    No explanation needed
  2. LeBron James
    Not denying his talent. Not denying that he is charitable. Just can't stand his personality
  3. Johnny Depp
    Lost a lot of respect for him
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  1. Marky mark
    Man is a stud. He can do it all and has. If I could get one famous person to punch me in the face it would be him
  2. Charming Matt Damon
    Good will hunting, Martian, etc. Not the Bourne Matt Damon
  3. Ben Affleck
    Sticking with the Good Will hunting team. I don't care how unflattering the photos of disheveled him are on tabloids.
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  1. Poop
    It's a classic, it will never die
  2. Pepperoni dog fart
    Specific enough to let you imagine how it smells
  3. Weiner
    Multiple uses, only one shape
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