the conversation snippets I have getting my kid out the door.
  1. Me: did you brush your teeth? Kid: I already put on my shirt Me: ok good. Wait....
    Lesson in deflection
  2. Kid: it's cold outside, can I have my jacket? Me: sure, but you're wearing shorts and crocs. How about some pants or something? Kid: pants are too hot!
    Lesson in thermodynamics
  3. Me: I can't find your jacket, I'm going out to the car to see if it's in there. Kid: DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT ME!! Me: I'm not I'm just... Kid: AAAAAAAAARGH!!!! ::runs out the door after me:: (1 minute later, still digging in car) Kid: did you find it yet? Me: not yet. Kid: Hurry up!
    Lesson in servitude
  4. Meanwhile on the ride to school: Me: want to sing a song? Kid: no. ::we arrive at school:: Me: ok let's hop out Kid: but we never sang a song! Me: ..........
    There is no lesson here. Only excuses to drink.