Thoughts on the app I just downloaded a few minutes ago and am very confused about
  1. Don't search 'list app' in the App Store cause it doesn't come up
  2. I hope those little list suggestions stay on my profile cause they are good starters
  3. Oh
    I just realized how to add the subtext
  4. Maybe this will work out for me and I will get followers
  5. Let's be real tho I'm not good at accruing followers
    I'm looking at you tumblr
  6. I hope to use this platform to make sarcastic observations
  7. Seriously. Tell me to delete my profile if I ever start to get serious
    Because I basically know nothing
  8. Also delete my profile if I start any of the following lists:
    'Favorite fall looks', 'My makeup routine', '5 Simple everyday hacks you won't believe you're living without', or anything of a similar nature
  9. Although I might make some serious book/tv/movie recs
    Because that's really the only thing I have knowledge about
  10. And for real, who doesn't love any of those three things
  11. Okay and also what is that plus sign for? I think they mentioned it in one list I read
    maybe one day I will click it for fun
  12. I feel like this list is getting too long
  13. Also I thought it was a joke when I read that bj made this