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I work in a male dominated field, and you have to be ready and on your game at all times. So please don't ask to borrow these things from me...you should be prepared with your own.
  1. Pocket knife
    You should have your own. It should be at least as nice as mine- but really, it should be nicer.
  2. Chapstick
    Because I don't buy cheap Chapstick, and there's a very real risk that you'll get the "tinted" one. And the entertainment value of that doesn't outweigh my resistance to loaning you mine. And you'll be fine, really...
  3. Life jacket/ waders
    I searched hard (and likely paid more) for a life jacket and waders that would fit my girlish figure. Don't imagine for a minute that my safety equipment will fit you— or look anything less than ridiculous.
As a career scientist, you'd imagine my phone is full of pictures of test tubes or graphs. Not so much...I'm the other kind of scientist
  1. Velvet ants
    This is actually a fuzzy, wingless, solitary female wasp pretending to look like an ant. This is one of my very favorite insects.
  2. Sailor-by-the-wind jellyfish
    They go where the wind takes them, which is sometimes not ideal. They form these smooshy sticky wrack lines on the beach when they wash up.
  3. Gopher snake
    My motto is that if you've hiked 3 miles and haven't seen a snake, you need to watch more carefully.
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It started as a simple plant collection. Then it got out of hand. The excess of plants go into creations of various forms. #succulents
  1. Succulent chair. (Bottom is coir, chicken wire, and moss.)
  2. Front door wreath.
  3. Pumpkin topper for a centerpiece.
  4. Big and little pumpkins!