Interactions while working at kinko's in the 90's

  1. Got yelled at by a dominatrix because I "didn't know how important" she was
    Perhaps you should get your own fax machine
  2. Yes, a man can certainly help you if you prefer. My assistant will be here in about 4 hours.
  3. I understand that this project is urgent, but as as you can see, the power is out from the storm.
    Copy machines require electricity. I can't "just make them anyway."
  4. I'm sorry, we can't copy money. No, not even if you do it yourself.
  5. I'm sorry, we can't change the passport photo background to make you a fake i.d.
  6. If you throw your photos at me and storm out without giving me your name, they may go missing
  7. I urge you not to laminate that ultrasound which is printed on heat-sensitive paper
    Couple was very upset that I refused to do it. I tried to explain how it would ruin the very thing they were trying to preserve.
  8. There may be a queue. It's not festival seating.