Phones I Have Known

Inspired by @jeb My Life In Phones and others
  1. Wall-mounted rotary
    Step up from the one on the desk in the den. Complete with tangley cord.
  2. Hey, you guys, this one has buttons
    ... that still make the same click click clicks as the rotary
  3. Dude, this thing is cordless!
    Note: antennas too long to fit in frame
  4. State of the art DIGITAL answering machine
    Digital, bitches!
  5. Distracted Driving Enabler
    Talked on the phone during entire commute. Totally legal then. Totally risky always. What's Bluetooth?
  6. It flips open and closed. Can you believe it?!
    No more inadvertant dialing while sober
  7. Motorola pebl. I loved this phone.
    This was from my Silicon Valley days. The smooth matte finish was eventually ruined by nail polish remover.
  8. A slide out qwerty keyboard
    Check out how fast I can text!
  9. Late to the smartphone game with this LG Lucid
    But I built an incredible Clash of Clans base on this tiny screen.
  10. LG G3
    Still own it. Excellent camera and video. I stupidly covered up the mic during my son's middle school beginning band concert last night, so I couldn't preserve his first and fully improvised jazz solo. I was so proud that he isn't afraid of putting himself out there in front of an audience. I admire that quality because I don't have it. And he was actually good. I cried. Stupid phone!