Going to the Big apple for the 3rd time around and this time ON MY OWN! Yusss
  1. The Ally Coalition talent show.
    Check out the line up. It's a damn dream. And it's charity! Double win
  2. Museums!
    And lots of 'em. Want to do Guggenheim, MoMa, Whitney, Natural History, maybe a small part Met (saw the Egyptian wing last time),.... Soooo many museums and sooo little time
  3. Shopping
    Going to B&N for books, wanna go to supermarkets (American supermarkets are so funny, the sizes of everything! As a European, it cracks me uppp!), wanna find some kickass thrift stores where I can lose several hours,
  4. Chris Gethard's show
    About depression and anxiety and trying to live but in a funny way.
  5. Brooklyn!
    Wanna see more of that. M'hat is great but Brooklyn is where it's at for a GIRL like me.
  6. High Line
    'Cause it's close to my hotel. Also seems like a chill place to hang. Too bad it's december and prolly cold AF
  7. Wanna go to coffeeshops and eat pastries and drink tea and read books.
  8. M&M's world
    I know, tourist trap but it's chocolate! Need I say more? Also need to go to Hershey's store but that 'cause my friend loves the caramel kisses.
  9. Probably just walk around like a lunatic bc ITS MY FAVE CITY