Things I'm excited to do in NYC

Going to the Big apple for the 3rd time around and this time ON MY OWN! Yusss
  1. The Ally Coalition talent show.
    Check out the line up. It's a damn dream. And it's charity! Double win
  2. Museums!
    And lots of 'em. Want to do Guggenheim, MoMa, Whitney, Natural History, maybe a small part Met (saw the Egyptian wing last time),.... Soooo many museums and sooo little time
  3. Shopping
    Going to B&N for books, wanna go to supermarkets (American supermarkets are so funny, the sizes of everything! As a European, it cracks me uppp!), wanna find some kickass thrift stores where I can lose several hours,
  4. Chris Gethard's show
    About depression and anxiety and trying to live but in a funny way.
  5. Brooklyn!
    Wanna see more of that. M'hat is great but Brooklyn is where it's at for a GIRL like me.
  6. High Line
    'Cause it's close to my hotel. Also seems like a chill place to hang. Too bad it's december and prolly cold AF
  7. Wanna go to coffeeshops and eat pastries and drink tea and read books.
  8. M&M's world
    I know, tourist trap but it's chocolate! Need I say more? Also need to go to Hershey's store but that 'cause my friend loves the caramel kisses.
  9. Probably just walk around like a lunatic bc ITS MY FAVE CITY