We have had our fair share of problems, but delicious grub was never one of them. Come for the coneys, stay for the schwarmas.
  1. Fried bologna slider (Green Dot Stables). This Corktown former cop bar has cheap, delicious food and an inspired drink list.
  2. Detroit style pizza (Loui's Pizza). This Hazel Park pizzeria is decades old and serves piping hot, square pizza with crisp greasy edges and a sweet red sauce.
  3. Schwarma sandwiches (New Yasmeen Bakery). Everything at this Lebanese bakery in Dearborn is mind blowing but the sandwiches, made made order and sliced off a spit onto a fresh pita made in-house is otherworldly.
  4. Cheese burger (Millers Bar)-this Dearborn institution has a five item menu and uses the honor system to pay your tab. Griddle cooked burgers with a slice of velvetta are elevated from concession stand food to something that will you wake up thinking about.
  5. Coneys (Anywhere). Hot dogs, beanless chili, yellow mustard and chopped onion. Enough said.