Albums I'll Release Based on Photos on my iPhone

  1. "Ninety Wipes, The Same (Amount of Brown)"
    Jay's follow-up album to Drake's "Nothing Was the Same" ... produced by yours truly
  2. "The Banana Hammocks"
    Debut album by new hard rock band, The Banana Hammocks, featuring me on lead vocals and AJ on mouth guitar
  3. "G.O.A.T."
    My debut Hip Hop album
  4. "Forty Night"
    the debut album by Midwest hip hop collaborative, 48 East 17th
  5. "Stunnaz"
    Collaborative effort between DJ Grote and Z-muhfuggin-Dubyah
  6. "The Grote Family Christmas Album"
    by The Grote Family
  7. "Shrimp N Grits"
    Debut album by the newest country stars, the Grass Stains
  8. "We're All Toast"
    Debut album by alt-rock band, The Burnt Endz