1. when Michael makes Jim and Dwight role plays after poor customer reviews
    "Butt Licker, our prices have never been lower!"
  2. when Jim is annoyed with Andy and Andy starts singing "Zombie" at his desk
  3. The entire CPR scene in "Stress Relief"
  4. in "The Injury" when Michael is asking Billy Merchant offensive questions about life in a wheelchair
    "thirty seconds? wow, that's like three times as long as it takes me"
  5. "well, well, well... how the turn tables..."
  6. when Michael is reprimanding Andy for using his baby voice, but ends up talking like Elvis Presley
  7. Stanley vs. Jim as sumo wrestlers in the beach games
  8. Jim and Pam's scenes at end of Casino Night
  9. in "Goodbye Toby" when Michael is forced to read his insulting exit interview to questions in a nice way because Holly is sitting there
    "Who... who do you think you are?" .... "I'm Toby" .... "yeah, correct. Um, what gives you the right?"
  10. basically any scene where Michael is trashing on Toby