Names for Football Teams When Nfl Goes Global

a fun little exercise — logo suggestions included
  1. the Mexico City Aztecs
  2. the Rio de Janeiro Redeemers
    potentially amazing logo here
  3. the Toronto Bills
    official relocation from buffalo, switch back to retro logo because it's so much cooler
  4. the Calgary Stampeders
    moved up from CFL, welcome to the big leagues
  5. The Seoul Soul
    Puns are an international language
  6. The Berlin Wallbreakers
    more wall in the logo though
  7. the Munich Barvarians
    obviously go less Viking with the logo.
  8. the London City Foxes
    as in "city fox" because somehow there are 16 foxes per square mile in the city of London which is amazing — picture on of these silhouettes trotting in front of the London skyline.
  9. The Liverpool Scousers
    the locals are known as Scousers, named for a type of stew — logo should be some type of boat to reflect Liverpools status as a famous port city.. or the logo could just be the Beatles
  10. the Dublin Leprechauns
    picture this: green helmets with rainbow stripes starting in the back and arcing down into the middle of each side into a simple pot of gold.
  11. the Madrid Matadors
    I'd do the muleta in red though... they could do a pregame bullfight as entertainment, right there on the field!
  12. the Sydney Kangaroos
    the Roos — their kicker better have one helluva leg though, gotta rep for the roos
  13. the Buenos Aires Gauchos
    The international equivalent of the Dallas Cowboys, South America's Team
  14. the Beijing Dragons
    I'd look for a dragon that's oriented horizontally rather than vertically.
  15. the Tokyo Samurais
    just a badass team name and concept — the merchandise and game time entertainment possibilities are limitless... and they could have sushi at their concession stands