1. "Blood Meridian" -Cormac McCarthy
    The "Moby Dick" of westerns. Grab a dictionary and settle into the sheer power of words on a page.
  2. "Lonesome Dove"- Larry McMurtry
    No western better combines the existential, the struggles of aging, love, wisdom, death, legacy with the cowboy tropes of the loneliness wander under the night sky, some gun battles, and good old fashioned whores. For me, gives "Blood Meridian" a run for it's money.
  3. "Sisters Brothers"- Patrick deWitt
    The most recent book on this list. This is dark comedy at it's finest, a Coen Brothers movie dying to be made, set in the later stages of the California Gold rush. Painfully cool and hilarious. John C. Reilly owns the rights to the book, they were writing a screenplay, but if that follows through anyone on here know John and want to give me a crack????
  4. Any number of Cormac McCarthy's other westerns: "All The Pretty Horses" "No Country for Old Men" etc.
    The guy is just a freak writer.
  5. "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"- Ron Hansen
    A wonderful quiet to the book, which is why the movie is also a classic.
  6. "Little Big Man"- Thomas Berger
    The "Forrest Gump" of western novels... Hysterical, simply a great tall tale told by a white man raised by native Americans.
  7. Many others including: "Deadwood" "Brokeback Mountain" "True Grit"