Hope this is salacious enough @film114
  1. "Gold Rush" Discovery Channel- you would think watching people move dirt would be the tedious, but there is nothing more entertaining on television. The characters ugh. Gold is right.
  2. "Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" Fox- it's not on the air anymore, but I spent plenty of hours confirming where I once got food poisoning from.
  3. "The Bachelor" ABC- I don't watch it, but my lovely, beautiful, and 100% perfectly Jewish mother says that I would be a great contestant.
  4. "Shark Tank" ABC- watch this and don't cry. http://abcn.ws/1vW667G actually that's impossible. You'll cry
  5. "Pawn Stars" History Channel- has anyone else ever realized that Mark- the bearded expert who runs the Clark County Museum system- has a wife and wondered about his sex life? Anyone?
  6. "American Pickers" History Channel- the best nap you'll ever take.
  7. "Top Chef" Bravo- in all seriousness, still the best competition on tv.
  8. Other E! and Bravo shows that I'll readily admit I watch/check out occasionally while I eat lunch at home alone (#writerliving) : Kardashians, millionaire matchmaker, million dollar listings (you all do it! admit it)