Times I had a feeling about someone and was on the fucking money.
  1. If you're wearing a visor while wine tasting in Napa I bet you aren't 💯 with physical space boundaries
    Correct - you kissed my bff on the lips when we bid your all female group adieu 🍷
  2. If you're complaining about a weirdo customer at McDonalds to one of the employees, you are probably King Weirdo.
    Correct - I saw you muttering outside to yourself as you casually wandered through the drive thru lanes back to your car. 🍔
  3. If you bend your body in weird ways to try and shake my hand, you got a case of baaaad vibes son.
    Correct- you're under 30, a "Lawyer," and invited a bunch of people in my office (where you don't work) to a house party in Agoura. Actual demon status 👹
  4. If you're pitching show ideas at a pool party - you're a fucking 🐍
    Correct - you wiggled your way into a job and got fired when people heard thru the grapevine you were bragging about the people you used to get where you are.
  5. If you were talking 💩 about someone the first time I met you, I'm not gonna know you for long.
    Correct - after about a year most people stopped inviting you to anything.
  6. If you're wearing a choker on the first day of your internship, you have a very thin skin.
    Correct - you cried whenever it was your day to do lunch runs. 😭