If I wasn't an operations manager, I'd be a detective goddammit
  1. Podcast: Sword & Scale
    If you liked Serial, this podcast breaks down heinous crimes one episode a piece. Usually an hour to 90 mins. My personal fave is ep. 3: Belle Gunness. The most prolific serial killer in American History. Also happens to be female. Killed a bunch of dudes in 1907 by putting an ad in the paper like "come be my boo. I have a farm. Bring all your monies. Dont tell anyone. See u soon!"
  2. Documentary Series: The Staircase
    Great 10 ep. documentary series surrounding the trial of Michael Peterson, accused of murdering his wife in 2003. Each ep has you changing sides and offers a really great insight to the defense team process. Can be found on YouTube. This one fucked with my heart a lot.
  3. HBO Mini- Series: Autopsy
    Michael Baden, esteemed forensic pathologist, speaks on a variety of murder cases solved under his wing. This special aired sporadically from 94'-08'. Warning: they show some seriously disturbing pics. Can be found on Amazon Prime. Fav story: dude fell in love with a terminally ill woman. When she died he made a doll out of her and lived with it for decades. They show a pic. Terrifying.
  4. Series: Unsolved Mysteries
    True Story: on our first date my boyfriend revealed he owned the box set and I never looked back.
  5. Series: Forensic Files
    Its not the best but if you want something to put on while you're on your laptop this will suffice. On Amazon Prime.
  6. Suggestions Welcome!
  7. Documentary: Murder on a Sunday Morning.
    Suggested by @JLW