My personal limit is $20. Never fruity, always clean. Thanks to @emjuko for the request. 🙌
  1. Essential Elements - 3 Wick Jasmine & Patchouli
    $11, CVS, MVP status indefinitely. If they sold it as a perfume, it would be my signature scent.
  2. Glade - Angel Whispers
    $2.98 at any grocery store. Despite the ridiculous name, it smells SO DOPE. Truly heavenly 😏
  3. Febreze - Gain Scent
    $6, any grocery store. This isn't for everyone. It's a powerful smell that's- you guessed it - the scent of Gain detergent. This is the closest I can get to huffing that sweet sweet soap. If you're into it, you'll be very happy with your purchase.
  4. Bella - Midnight Orchid
    $10.49, Target. Epitome of a clean, yet intriguing smell. This is it, baby.
  5. Pure Clean Soy - Pink Magnolia
    $10.49, one more banger from Target. Just a dream. You'll wanna sit next to this fiery treat all night deep breathing those tasty fumes. 👌