1. I'm on a hip hop dance squad
    And my moves astound / shake your concept of reality
  2. Have played a B storyline character in a cult classic
    With some sassy line like, "I really didn't plan on killing anybody today, but, looky at this fuckup trying to rob my bar."
  3. My house has a wrap around porch.
    And a second balcony off the master bedroom.
  4. I can take a month off work without financial stress
    And just drive around the country swimming in pools and talking to the "real people."
  5. I can send out a group text organizing a bar crawl and every single person responds "YES!" within 5 minutes
  6. I have a lazy river running through my backyard
    Reach for the 🌠🌠🌠
  7. My mom accepts one of my movie suggestions, watches it with me, and really likes it.
  8. My boyfriend and I are the same temperature for one whole day.
    Hawaii and Alaska currently sharing a one bedroom in Los Feliz.
  9. I can go make movies and music videos with people I really like, in locations far from LA, and feel good about it.
    I'm talking cocoa at 2am in a log cabin looking over storyboards with folks who get me.