1. Steps I'm walking up
    It just starts happening and it never doesn't happen. I also do this when I fall down stairs.
  2. Times I've been rude throughout the day
    Not to be proud. The opposite really. I'm trying to tame my salty tongue. "Only made a vaguely mean face once today."
  3. Times I've Honked
    6/24/15 - 4 honks
  4. Times I've tweeted
    Today - once. When I started I set a goal of 3. Not overkill and enough to keep me from being a chicken shit.
  5. Zits
    There were only 3 yesterday goddammit, who's this new guy???
  6. Calories
    But not everyday. God bless apps for making this process so damn easy. I once found the entire calorie count for the Dennys Hobbit Hole breakfast on MyFitnessPal. It warmed my little fatty heart.
  7. Fucks I Gave
    A lot. I care okay.