1. He has an ego, but it isn't inflated or fragile.
    The man knows who he is.
  2. He has multiple rewarding platonic female friendships that have lasted a decade.
  3. He talks to people at parties who look shy and are by themselves.
  4. He gets up on the first alarm ring. No snoozes. Impressive shit.
  5. He has an actual friendship with his mother, built off mutual respect and appreciation.
  6. His moral code and integrity are unbreakable.
  7. He doesn't subscribe to bullshit, but he's still super fun. That combo isn't easy to find.
  8. He never lies.
  9. He's a feminist.
  10. He's well read.
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    Our bedroom is just the tip of the iceberg.
  11. He's practical (which I'm not), good with money (which I'm not), and graceful (which I'm not).
  12. He makes an effort and values a relationship. I'm not holding a gun to his head. He wants to do this.
  13. He's not afraid to call me on my shit.
    Said by many, for a reason. Such an important quality in any relationship or friendship.
  14. He digs haunted places, doesn't shit on Tarot cards, and plays dope old school hip hop in our place all the time.
    Just an ideal partner in crime 👌
  15. He's a handsome italian beast.
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