1. I Need It
  2. That Time I Turned Orange Before It Was A Thing To Be Orange
  3. I Love My Sister But My Sister Wishes I Was Never Born
  4. Tahitian Treat or: What's A Bowl?
  5. No, You Were Adopted!
  6. Penmanship Club
  7. He's A Twin And He's Not My Boyfriend
  8. Please Don't Call My Landline
  9. The Time My Boobs Didn't Come In
  10. Why I'm Not Invited To Sleepovers
  11. Suck It, New York
  12. Living With My Sister: Why Peanut Butter Is Scary
  13. That Time I Decided Food Wasn't My Thing
  14. The Week I Lost My Virginity AND Learned How To Use A Tampon
  15. I'll Have Your Strongest Drink, Please
  16. Why Living With Your Ex's Good Female Friend Is A GREAT IDEA
  17. I'm Not A Boy, I Just Have Short Hair
  18. I Like Cats and Cats Like Me
  19. Yellow Fever