I answer, "Washington University in St. Louis!"
  1. Oh, how nice! I have a niece at Washington State.
    Great, but not relevant.
  2. Cool! You might be able to intern at the Oval Office while you're there.
    Not quite.
  3. Better take a raincoat! I have a friend who went to college in Seattle.
    Thanks for the advice, but the Midwest is not really in that area.
  4. Oh, where is that?
    In St. Louis.
  5. Where is St. Louis?
  6. St. Louis? I heard that place is really dangerous, you know, with the riots and all...
    Well, it's not really IN St. Louis. Also St. Louis isn't dangerous.
  7. Then why would they name it that?
  8. Congratulations! You must have worked really hard to get there.
    *tears of joy*