Great news: UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, Midtown's coolest food hall is officially open to the public — a total New York lunch game changer. The 12,000-square-foot hall unites beloved favorites and brand-new concepts. Take a look at all of the offerings here:
  1. Roberta's famous Bee Sting pizza.
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  2. No. 7 Veggie's deluxe veggie burger with cucumbers and fries.
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  3. One of Sips & Bites' specialty toasts.
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  4. Amali Mou's pork gyro.
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  5. Bangkok B.A.R.'s chicken pad Thai and coconut drink.
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  6. Hong Kong Street Cart's cold peanut spinach noodles.
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  7. Asiadog's hot dog and beet juice.
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  8. Mayhem & Stout's bánh mì sandwich
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  9. Luke's Lobster's BLT roll
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