Think smoked bluefish, a kind of riff on the Italian combo, and pastrami made from the chef's great-grandparents' recipe. http://grb.st/1JN9QfY
  1. Fermentation-happy chef Will Horowitz (Ducks Eatery, Seamstress) built a research and development lab to explore everything pickled, smoked, and cured.
  2. As part of that effort, Horowitz has devoted some of the space to a retail store, Harry & Ida's Meat and Supply Co., a place where he and his team could sling sandwiches and peddle experiments like smoked butters, morel and cockle conservas, pickled cattails, and charcuterie.
  3. The final space is a brick-walled sliver of a general store designed to look like a butcher counter and inspired by the Jewish delis his Hungarian great-grandparents once owned uptown.
  4. Along with the pantry goods, there's also a tight sandwich menu, featuring four standbys and a couple of seasonal specials down the line, which leans heavily on the traditional foods of the Northeast.
  5. Here's the pastrami with buttermilk-fermented cucumbers, dill, and anchovy-Meyer-lemon mustard
  6. And the pastrami-scrap hot dog with shiitake-mushroom sauce, fermented parsnips, and pickled onions.
  7. The country ham sandwich with nduja, pickled chilies and fennel, and smoked butter.
  8. The smoked bluefish salad with pickled ramps and celery.
  9. "The most fun layer is just not knowing," Horowitz says. "We'll use whatever product comes up or we think is underutilized, like eel or bluefish, it'll all be exploratory."