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    At this week's James Beard awards, Michael Anthony took home the outstanding chef honor — one of the night's biggest. And, lo and behold, Anthony is overseeing the kitchen at this brand-new restaurant in the also-brand-new Whitney Museum. http://grb.st/1KrKmD0
  2. Del Posto
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    Another big winner at the Beards: Del Posto's Mark Ladner, who took home the medallion for best chef in New York City. http://nym.ag/1GUf1FQ
  3. Bâtard
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    Completing the JBF trifecta is the tony West Broadway spot from Markus Glocker, John Winterman, and Drew Nieporent — officially named the year's best new restaurant. http://nym.ag/1zLx1oH
  4. Dominique Ansel Kitchen
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    Dominique Ansel himself just opened his second location, this one in Greenwich Village. True to its name ("Kitchen" instead of "Bakery"), cooking is the theme here, and the majority of the menu is made-to-order. http://grb.st/1PvqvnK
  5. Grand Army
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    Mile End's Noah Bernamoff, Rucola's Julian Brizzi, and Prime Meats's Damon Boelte are behind this brand-spanking-new oyster-and-cocktail spot in Boerum Hill (with Jon Bignelli, formerly of Alder and wd~50, on chef duty). If there were such a thing as a neighborhood-spot supergroup, this is it. http://grb.st/1H7nMBK
  6. Rebelle
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    Last month saw the opening of Pearl & Ash's sister restaurant, and — as you might expect — Patrick Cappiello's 1,500-label-strong wine list is nothing short of breathtaking. Chef Daniel Eddy has a menu of hyper-refined food to match. http://grb.st/1zLBfMZ
  7. Empellón Cocina
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    Alex Stupak just reopened his East Village spot after a bunch of renovations, and will soon roll out this fantastic-looking tasting menu. http://nym.ag/1KrQg6U
  8. Lupulo
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    George Mendes's new place is open, looking like a New York gastropub by way of Portugal, which is to say the food looks great. http://grb.st/1PvuBfJ
  9. Mu Ramen
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    In the Times this week, critic Pete Wells dropped a serious love letter to this Long Island City noodle destination. http://nym.ag/1KrQf34
  10. Ramen Lab
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    More ramen! Starting Monday, this very tiny Kenmare Street shop will start to bring in a rotating group of chefs. First up is a team from Tampa that will serve some lightly Florida-fied riffs on ramen classics, while salsa music plays in the background. http://nym.ag/1In1c8D
  11. Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop
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    Oh, and there's breakfast ramen now. It's topped with Taylor ham, and there's a Cheddar broth, and you obviously need to try it, so go here and get some. http://nym.ag/1ch1Tm6
  12. Rosie's
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    Veteran restaurateurs Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman have a new spot, too, and they've looked to Mexico for inspiration. There are al pastor tacos, chile-rubbed porgy, some very nice-looking tostadas, and a number of other crowd-pleasers that should keep people happy. http://grb.st/1GUiJiM
  13. Virginia's
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    What's this? A new casual, bistro-y spot in Alphabet City from a former Per Se sous-chef and Locanda Verde manager, which is some serious pedigree. http://grb.st/1In1kF4
  14. Faro
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    It's yet another slightly elevated neighborhood spot, this one in Bushwick. The menu is Italian leaning and — as if you needed to be told this — there's a heavy emphasis on seasonal, sustainable ingredients from local producers. http://grb.st/1H7qaIX
  15. Baba's Pierogies
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    Look, of course there were already great places to get pierogies in Brooklyn, but there's still a certain romance to this brand-new all-pierogi shop opening in Gowanus. http://grb.st/1KrQIly
  16. La Gamelle
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    In the space that formerly housed Diner, Mathieu Palombino has opened this full-on brasserie, with a menu that's loaded up on classics like steak-frites, duck confit, snails in garlic butter, poulet rôti. http://bit.ly/1zLDwrq
  17. Dimes
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    Dimes, the popular healthy-ish, California-esque Chinatown spot, has moved to a newer, bigger location, and, in addition to more space, the larger venue means the team can also add some new dishes to the menu. Are rainbow nori wraps about to become the new avocado toast? Time will tell. http://grb.st/1Pvvg0H
  18. Streetbird Rotisserie
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    Marcus Sameulsson's latest Harlem project just opened, drawing inspiration from Samuelsson's Ethiopian roots and Swedish upbringing, graffiti culture, the recent luxury-chicken trendlet, and there's some Chinese takeout thrown in there for good measure, too. http://nym.ag/1In1wUT
  19. Café Clover
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    As the weather warms, the healthy-eating angle at this very popular West Village spot is suddenly even more appealing than it may have been back in February. http://nym.ag/1KrRdME
  20. Javelina
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    Even if you personally aren't feeling the Tex-Mex trend as much as some, you have to hand it to this spot and its unwavering popularity. http://nym.ag/1KrRdMD