They're available at Oiji, a new restaurant in the East Village.
  1. The inspiration for Oiji’s chips comes from South Korea, the birthplace of co-chefs Brian Kim and Tae Kyung Ku.
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  2. Last summer, the Korean snack giant Haetae launched a honey-buttered chip on the local market, and the unassuming junk food became a sensation, spawning copycats, disappearing from store shelves minutes after being stocked, and earning its manufacturer more than $20 million in sales in two months alone.
  3. You can score a bright-yellow bag on eBay, but otherwise Haetae’s chips are impossible to find in New York.
  4. Oiji’s take is more homage than replica. They’re made from russet potatoes shaved on a mandoline and deep-fried.
  5. Then they’re wok-glazed to order in an emulsion of high-fat French butter, brown sugar, and Greenmarket honey, seasoned with salt and cayenne pepper, and served warm.
  6. Old snack hounds might detect a hint of Screaming Yellow Zonkers, but the overall effect is uniquely sweet, salty, and sticky, with a notable moistened crunch.