Some days I just need...something. It's rarely tangible but here are a few ideas
  1. Solitude - which to me means no interruptions or responsibilities. The calm of not having or needing to do anything
  2. An easy win - something I can complete without spending 4 or 5 on it and I don't have to "short-cut" it.
  3. A friend - who is not my husband. Having BPD tends to make me fairly isolated friend-wise. And as much as I love my husband, sometimes I need a person to talk and whine and bitch and drink with who doesn't also share my bed, finances, entire life with...
  4. Sleep - like the kind of sleep where you just sleep and sleep until you have to pee or get a drink if water and then you back to sleep and if allowed you sleep for 13+ hours...without being made to fee guilty
  5. Exercise - because dancing and running makes me feel better
  6. Singing - I love singing and it makes me super happy