Things I plan on doing for real in the next year or so
  1. Mongolian horse trek in the steppe
    I won't be able to eat anything in Mongolia, so probably max 4 days then off to Bali for yoga, because I am a Caucasian lady.
  2. Take up fencing
  3. Swim lessons
    Mostly so I can consider doing a modern penthouse or, more likely a triathlon.
  4. Buy an apartment
  5. New job
    So I can eat & do all the things.
  6. Tattoo
    Because everyone else has already except for me.
  7. Hire a housekeeper.
    Dreaming big.
  8. Reduce body fat.
  9. Celebrate birthday in June instead of December.
    So I don't feel like I have zero friends on my birthday. Or I could get a significant other, since they are obligated to spend important days with you according to tv.
  10. 3 week solo bike trip
    Fuck I am turning into my dad.
  11. Improve my Italian skills
    I am way more charming in Italian.