This is why I signed up for the app in the first place; thought it would be better for making lists than scraps of paper...
  1. Finish drafting resume
  2. Investigate corporate strategy career path
  3. Follow up with boss on career stuff
    For next week
  4. Clear out cubicle
    For next week, take cab home on 30th with larger items
  5. ACA or COBRA
  6. Contact Dagmar's friend via Alumnae career group
  7. List of fave projects at work over the years
  8. Investigate Art advisory careers
    Look up alumnae at Sotheby's, Christies, Swann. Maybe get back in touch with Roderick.
  9. Cold wash laundry
    Diluted vinegar soak for work out gear prior to washing
  10. Exfoliate!!! Use that dumb Clarisisonic brush
  11. Groceries?
    Plan lunches for last week in office