Basically all the time. Serves 1.
  1. Beet & avocado salad
    Either roast the beets ahead of time (use foil unless you have servants to wash your dishes) or buy these amazing & totally environmentally unfriendly pre-cooked & pre-peeled organic beets. 1) cut up 3-4 beets, place in a bowl 2) cut up ripe avocado (substitute chèvre if avocado is unripe or unavailable) 3) profit 4) add some micro greens (optional) 5) douse with good quality aged balsamic vinegar & sprinkle a little sea salt on top, grind some pepper & ENJOY!
  2. Veggie burgers a la mode
    Cook on stove top according to instructions in a pan, place some leftover cooked veggies (I roast some cut up veggies at 425 F for like 35 minutes, tossing them first in olive oil & sprinkle with sea salt or dried herbs) in the pan too to heat them up. At the same time. Serve with your favorite brand of baba ghanouj or hummus on the side (I like Yiorgos organic & Abraham's baba ganouj).
  3. Scrambled eggs & sautéed spinach
    Make the spinach first. Heat some olive oil in a pan & put in some pine nuts that have been stored in your freezer for way too long. Maybe a clove of garlic in the oil. Toss in golden raisins or mushrooms if you want to be real fancy. Toss in spinach & cook until wilted. Clean pan or just add more oil & crack some eggs. Stir around a little & cook until just about done.
  4. Green smoothie
    I'm one of those assholes with a Vitamix. I don't do exact measurements: handful or so of baby spinach, 1 banana (frozen would be awesome), about a cup of frozen blueberries/raspberries or an Acai smoothie pack, about a 1/3 cup OR less of coconut yogurt OR 1/4 cup ish of coconut water or 1/4 c filtered water with 2 tablespoons of hulled hemp seeds. Add in 1-2 dried pitted medjool dates of you need some sweetness. You don't want too much liquid!
  5. Chickpea stew
    This takes about 30 minutes or so... You need a can of chickpeas, a can of Muir glen crushed fire roasted tomatoes, an onion (diced), garlic if you want it, greens, bell peppers (large dice), carrots (peeled & sliced thinly). Cook the onions & carrots until onions are translucent or something, add carrots cook for awhile, add bell peppers, add some spices/herbs if you want, pour in the tomatoes, cook a bit, add chickpeas, add greens last so they're just wilted. Bring leftovers for lunch!