Vegetarian & healthy eater. NB: can't consume gluten due to awful side effects, so this reflects gluten free options as well.
  1. Candle Cafe
    Avocado club sandwich on gluten free bread w/ side salad as option (comes with home fries, but they don't have a designated g-free fryer). Soup of the day is always on point. Detox smoothie is too relish for the detox moniker.
  2. Candle 79
    Everything except the Moroccan spiced chickpea patties has been excellent. Amazing desserts. Fancy!
  3. Angelica Kitchen
    Home cooking... If I felt like buying more ingredients than usual. Soup of the day & miso soup are great usually. Chilli is yummy in the winter, get the half portion though. Pantry plate is solid. Chai is wonderful for dessert or the special parfaits on the full moon of each month.
  4. ABC Kitchen
  5. Sun in bloom
    Tempeh Reuben!!!!! Yummy salads & virtuous green juices. Tasty g-free baked goods. You may be compelled to buy a raw food cookbook & become more obnoxious.
  6. I need to try some new places...