Because I'm getting laid... off.
  1. Go to central casting & see if I can get some work as an extra or whatever.
  2. Try some of the wackier fitness offerings at the gym.
    "Best butt ever"... try me.
  3. Do more Pilates
    So I can memorize some of the moves for my regular workouts. Why don't they offer a 30 minute Pilates class? So you can spend another 30-45 minutes doing something higher intensity?
  4. Donate old bedding & towels to animal shelter
  5. Donate/sell old clothing I don't wear anymore
  6. Clean out fridge & freezer
  7. Replace batteries in smoke detector
    Borrow ladder from super
  8. Clean chia seeds off ceiling
    Long story
  9. Volunteer at the library doing resume help again
  10. Interview like a beast
  11. Draw/paint
  12. Journal about feelings n' stuff
  13. Learn to cook a few new things