I went to charity art auction tonight. It was for a good cause and my friend had a piece up for sale.
  1. I wore too much make-up & due to an incorrect weather report wore winter boots instead of stylish boots.
    Why am I never dressed appropriately?
  2. A weird old guy wearing headphones asked me if I'm a celebrity, because I "look like a celebrity".
  3. Another weird old guy (named Steve) asked me what the previous show at David Zwirner gallery was.
    Why am I supposed to know this?
  4. Most of the art was okay, a few legit duds.
    My friend's work was obviously the best.
  5. Pretty good snack spread.
    Except some weirdo parents brought small children who molested the fruit platter without actually ingesting any fruit.
  6. Drank too much San Pellegrino.
  7. And then some asshole kid on the subway threw a Jordan almond at my head.
    WTF. Totally undeserved. Need to look into buying a switchblade.
  8. Feeling stupid for not bidding on my friend's piece...