1. Don't have to go to class!
  2. May or may not have the day off at your workplace...
    I use a personal day for my birthday. Office is closed the 25th. Four day weekend!
  3. None of your friends are around.
    I might have two friends joining me for dinner this year. This is not good for the self esteem.
  4. Your favorite restaurant might be closed.
  5. Post Christmas sales!
    Ask for gift cards.
  6. Might get suckered into visiting the family.
    This happened a lot during my childhood. Visiting dull/mean relatives on your birthday is a real letdown. Birthday was often totally overlooked. Granted, I have sucky relatives who think Walgreens brand support hose + check for $5.00 = perfect gift for a 12 year old. Hashtag estranged.