1. Age 40+
  2. Luxury vehicle OR has personal driver
  3. Separated/divorced
  4. At least one child. If multiple children, oldest must be maximum 15 years younger than me.
  5. Works out minimum of 4x per week
  6. Penchant for expensive hobbies
    E.g. Fine whiskey, Ducati motorbikes, sailing.
  7. Dresses okay given age
  8. Owns multiple businesses or properties
  9. Enjoys the Hamptons, but never invites me along.
  10. Has already done the cool things I want to do & has no interest in repeating experiences with me.
  11. Will pay for all kinds of stuff (apart from dinners out), but will never give me an actual gift (not even of purely sentimental value).
    Actual items received from men over the past 5 years: Marc Jacobs bikini, really nice cycling shoes for spin class, excellent tickets to "Book of Mormon", $4,000 worth of therapy with a psychologist.
  12. Loses interest within 1-2 months