Not working really uncovers the holes in my life, so I have to work harder to manage my depressive tendencies.
  1. Going to bed early, even if I'm not that tired.
  2. Meditation.
    Have time to create a practice... Need to work on this outside of my yoga classes.
  3. Staying connected.
    Seeing friends, talking to friends, reaching out for help & advice (super hard ugggh).
  4. Being objective.
    Trying not to get swallowed up by negative feelings--- they're not permanent & they're not "bad".
  5. Healthy boundaries.
    Deleted snapchat, since my erstwhile lover (sorry I am too classy for "fuckbuddies") occasionally sends group snaps about inconsequential things like a mildly bad haircut (seriously why did you do this? and why make it sound like something bad had happened to you?!). I don't need that kind of stress/disappointment. Relate to me authentically & respectfully. That's not a tall order for an adult.
  6. Maintaining healthy diet & exercise habits.
  7. Wake up at a normal time.
  8. Reading about issues brought up in therapy.
    Got a couple books about childhood emotional neglect. Not a fan of "self-help" stuff, but so far the book is illuminating & written by an actual Psy Ph.D.
  9. Doing fun stuff.
    Drawing, going out to bookstores, free events. Avoiding the temptation to isolate & disappear.