I went out East for college & stayed here to learn the bond business or something.
  1. Billy Joel
    Never heard his music until several guys in middle school choir selected his songs as solos. My mom hated Billy Joel & mentioned this dislike once or twice during my childhood. "Uptown Girl" gets played in CVS way too much, so maybe that was the source of her ire. Then, I moved to New York and heard a few more songs... and I just get it. My favorite song is "I don't want to be alone anymore".
  2. Barbour
    Became aware of this brand in college since there was a store in the shopping district near campus. I love my Barbour cost so much. It's the East Coast analogue to the hideous & ubiquitous Middle Western North Face fleece. Except actually stylish and practical.
  3. Very specifically New York cartoons in the New Yorker
    I've had a New Yorker subscription since age 14, but now the cartoons referencing specific neighborhoods or NYC quirks warm the cockles of my heart.
  4. Colonial Houses
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    They're just so adorable with the little windows tucked right under the eaves!
  5. Sailing
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  6. Horsey stuff
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    To be fair, I didn't get into equestrian until I went on vacation in Iceland... But I love it now. The horses, the gear, the outfits.
  7. Gilmore Girls
    A college friend owned all the DVDs. So comforting to watch after finishing homework.
  8. Manicure-Pedicures
  9. Summer
    Sure, people go to cabins/the lake/on vacation but East Coasters take summer very seriously. House shares or secondary residences according to the type of person you are (Fire Island, the Hamptons, Cape Code, Catskills, Poconos). Was so excited to go to the Hamptons for work assignment in the offseason... It rained the whole time but I was in the Hamptons!