1. Diners, Drive thrus, & Dives
    Makes me want to diet so hard. Some of the food is sort of appetizing, but watching them make industrial sized quantities is just super gross. I didn't need to know what 50 raw eggs in a stainless steel vat looks like. Also Guy Fieri reminds me of the west coast sales guys at a digital marketing convention.
  2. Real Housewives of someplace
    Median age: 49. Most of them are very fit, so it qualifies as ok workout motivation at least. Amused by how they insist on wearing a full drag-show ready face of makeup to an intimate dinner at a strip mall sushi joint.
  3. Castle
    Nathan Fillion deserves better. Not filmed on location. Cases are easily solved without reading the closed captioning too carefully. Everyone on this show has a terrible haircut.
  4. Ridiculousness
    This must be the cheapest show to produce. One of the few reasonable arguments against a single payer health plan. I causally can't watch this show because people getting injured for 20 minutes straight is gratuitous and stomach churning.
  5. MSNBC news show with a hipster looking guy
    Why can't he look straight into the camera?