1. Knows nothing about the actual work you will be doing at a potential job.
  2. Looking for candidates who graduated from "top tier institutions" only, but doesn't know that Dartmouth is an Ivy nor has heard of any of the Seven Sisters nor any of the well regarded private liberal arts colleges or international universities that most parents would chew their left arm off to get their kid into.
    Upper management has heard of/attended these schools. I've also worked for someone who got kicked out of high school at 15 & never went back. Fancy school = good networking. A good education, self taught or through an institution will never decrease your opportunities. Cultivating intellectual curiosity & critical thinking is essential for civilization to continue. But it generally has NO impact on your ability to do a job.
  3. Tries to convince you that you should add an objective to your resume.
    Do not do this.
  4. Works as a recruiter because they are not qualified/smart enough to do the jobs they are recruiting candidates for.
  5. Is a recruiter. QED.
  6. Insists on having you come to their office in interview attire during rush hour to meet in person. They have no current openings that are suitable for you, but will keep your resume "on file".
  7. Arranges 1 phone interview for a low level position, meanwhile you have arranged 5+ interviews for better paying jobs.