1. Korean face masks
    They feel AMAZING! Especially chilled.
  2. Fun packaging.
    They are neatly packaged or contained in something super cutesy that it's a must buy. Even if you can't understand any of the text, that smiling bunny with the big eyes gives you a guarantee.
  3. Korean spas.
    Best.Time.Ever. WGAF. No one cares what your body type is. Leave that malarkey in your locker. I recommend going to a Korean spa to all my friends. Those aunties go the town and scrub you down until your smooth as when you arrived into the world. Every nook and cranny.
  4. Charcoal everything.
    Face masks. Face scrubs. Face polish. If it's charcoal and in fun packaging from the Asian market, buy it. Loving the charcoal bubbling face mask. It's like I can hear the bubbles squishing all that malarkey off my face. It kind of looks like it is melting your face though.