Best Things to Do to Start Your Day.

It's approaching 6a. How to make most of your day so you are not a grumpy-grump.
  1. Snuggle with your loved ones for five more minutes before you start your day.
    Be careful. This might encourage more sleep, which is okay too and to hell with this list.
  2. Brew your own coffee or make a nice hot cup of tea.
    Love the coffee press. I think my husband's wallet does too.
  3. Exercise. Go for a quick 3-mile run or hit the gym for 30-45minutes.
    Stop making excuses. We all probably could have gone instead of watching random cute kitten videos online.
  4. Take twenty minutes or less to clean something in the house.
    Loading the dishwasher before I head out and making sure the sink is clean helps me stay sane when I come home from a long work day. You won't roll your eyes and be pissed off when you come home.
  5. Snuggle for one more minute with everyone before you wake them up to start their day.