If I took next quarter off...

Stressed. Tired. I think I may need some time off. I need to rejuvenate. What would I do?
  1. Read. Read more. Read for fun.
    I have all theses books I've either purchased at local thrift stores or in Amazon that I've barely thumbed through. I need to read.
  2. Garden.
    At least attempt to garden. Fix up this hot mess of a front and backyard.
  3. Train right & eat healthy.
    Pushing mid-30s 😭😱very soon...
  4. Volunteer.
    I need to do more of this. Maybe it will lead me to something fantastic.
  5. Write and put that archival blog together. Finally.
    I need to update my resume and put all my designs/projects online. I am proud of some of the work I've done and projects I've completed over the years. For my own sake, I should put it up on the cloud and perhaps turn it into a website/blog or what-not.