Omg I Might Have a Day Off. What Shall I Do?

When the stars align perfectly (project completed, parents in town to watch kid for weekend, small amount of money to spend, etc.), I contemplate what I should with those blissful 24-48 hours. 🎉
  1. Sleep in 😂🛌
    All-nighters, late nights in the office, and coffee running through my veins could easily qualify for a sleep-in day. And sleeping in, I mean past 7a.
  2. Clean the house and catch up for the next month 🍽🗑🛠
    What, no cleaning house emoji? This option is 100% LAME and such the responsible adult thing to do. But it must get done at some point.
  3. Go to a Korean Spa and get pampered 😁🎉👍🏽👑🛀🏽
    Well-deserved treat, this sounds like plan A.
  4. Sign up and drop 💰 and go do the Tough Mudder in Sunday for bragging rights on Monday after a whirl-wind of work 😜😎
    Yep, contemplating of really doing this option for the hell of it.