Deadlines are looming. Life happens. Dishes are dirty. Husband is sick. Kiddo is funny. Hmmm maybe I'm stressed out...
  1. When I open my inbox (11p, 2a, and/or 6a), I'm already annoyed.
    I know there is an article about being more productive you should check your inbox first thing in the morning. I've got some major projects lined up so I'm waiting on others for content. I do get easily annoyed with the email "can you please tell me blahblahbkahb" when in fact I've already told them in the last three emails. Read your stupid emails. I don't write them for the hell of it...okay maybe sometimes I do.
  2. When drivers don't signal.
    Omiword! Is it really that hard to flick the lever to indicate what your next move on the road is? You suck.
  3. When the solution is obvious but the other party is lazy and doesn't communicate.
    I love collaborating with various entities. I love team projects—the more the merrier. But it can get a little tense when others don't want to play nice or just don't get the bigger picture or communicate and acknowledge they got the email! A little. Bitter sounding? Maybe.
  4. Kids that are obviously too big for a stroller but are pushed around in them anyway.
    What the hell. And you wonder why your kid is a brat? You are pushing a ten year old kid around Disneyland as he's munching away on popcorn, churros, and a Coke, crying about not getting a $16 balloon. And the. You cave and get him a balloon as you run over people with your overloaded stroller. LAME. You don't deserve a pass.
  5. Undergrads binge-watching anything in the common areas between 10a and 5p M-F.
    WTF. You and/or your parents are paying $35,000+ to go to college and you're binge-watching something. How dare you. Do you caca money or something? Shouldn't you be in class? Shouldn't you be studying? Shouldn't you practice? Shouldn't you get off your ass and do something with your life?
  6. Laziness.
    I don't get it. I can't even right now.
  7. Walking on wet grass.
    It's gross.
  8. Individuals that attempt to coast their way through life.
    Shut your face.
  9. Coming home from a long day and the house is a mess.
  10. People that interject themselves into a conversation when no one is talking to them.
    Clearly we are having a conversation and someone swoops in out of nowhere to share their opinion. Really? Do you know what is happening? What the heck? Go away.
  11. Divas or people that think they can be divas when they can't back up their ish.
    I don't care how good you think you are but if you're not 120% amazingly perfect, you better quit that diva-ness. Can't back it up, you better shut it up. Why are divas mean? Stop it.
  12. When people order twenty drinks while in the drive-thru at Starbucks.
  13. Students that park in faculty/staff lots.
    Yes, I see you trying to be cool in the faculty/staff lot already late to your 9a class.