Ahem, some people look at this holiday as a break. I look at it as a challenge to conquer. Looking forward to the malarkey tomorrow with family.
  1. Wednesday Night Prep
    Prep all the veggies. Thaw the bird. Bake pies.
  2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
    Why? Because this one decides to run a 15k turkey trot for the heezy of it with the home girls.
  3. Thursday 5:30a — get my ass to the turkey trot and pick up bib.
    Because I missed it Wednesday evening since I was still at work.
  4. 7a — run 🏃. I honestly run so I can eat more food.
    Running with the homegirls because that's the only time we hang out. Getting coffee or dinner too basic. We gotta go do some serious mileage and get a friggin awesome medal for Instagram pix. 😂😉😎 That's how we roll—run.
  5. Hopefully 9a — be done with the run. Instagram/snapchat/FB the run. Grab coffee. Go home to cook
    FYI we haven't been training so we're doing this for our leisure.
  6. 10a — tackle the bird.
    Okay, this will be my first solo run with prepping the bird. Thank you, internet.
  7. 1:30p — tackle all the sides.
    Mashed potatoes. Green beans. Brussels sprouts. Corn. Lumpia. Rice. Pie. Coffee. Salad. Carbs. Etc.
  8. 3:30—4ish — dinner?!?
    Hopefully! Crossing fingers.
  9. 6p — family game of UNO
    I guess it's one of the few traditions we actually have.
  10. 7p — eat again! Making arroz caldo with the turkey.
  11. 8p — Check emails and work malarkey 😐😶😭
    Deadlines. Holidays. Working in academia—sometimes no rest. But that's okay 👌🏽😁
  12. Seriously, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!! I don't mind the madness at all. #blessed More malarkey, the better. Hahah.