I still refuse to ever think about a minivan but I've now entered territory of kid sports and all the malarkey that goes with it. There are some Crazy-AF parents out there and it's kiddo basketball...😑
  1. I wish they gave us the 9a game instead of the 10:15a game.
    I feel like our (okay, mine) day is just bamboozled because I don't have enough time to start stuff before the game unless I want to wake up at 6a Sunday morning, or I start running out of time to finish anything since we finish around 11:15a and then it's lunch, and so on, and so forth.....
  2. So much competition in the sidelines from mom, dad, grandma, uncle Ted, auntie Anne, and entourage....omg are you trash talking?!?
    Okay, I get competitive myself but some of it I'm a little embarrassed of the entourages. And I mean entourages. It's a 12pt game and they are traveling the entire time!!!
  3. Omg, that kid is TRAVELING the entire length of the court and would be a great running back.
    Wait, that was my kid the first or second game of the season. We've been working on it.
  4. My kid needs to stop with the fist-pounding-I-am-going-to-get-you glares.
    Yes, I'll blame it on my lack of parenting when we get home from a long day and he watches something Lego cartoons or something. He gets competitive. My fault.
  5. Yeah, only use your Ninjago defensive skills ONLY on the kid that has the ball. Okay, you can use them on offense if you're setting up for a screen.
    defense wins games. I'm okay with this tactic. It's pretty hilarious. We had to work on it though. He was going after ransoms opponents who didn't a even have the ball.
  6. Email/text me the details. I don't have time to hear what Pinterest theme idea you have in order to throw last-minute end-of-season party that should have been discussed at the beginning of the season.
    Sorry, I've got to plan ahead. I'll sign up to bring/drop off fruit. I swear I'm a great team player but I don't have the time right now and I sound like a big mom snob/B...oh well. Such is life right now.
  7. What a great season! Looking forward to the next adventure with this community.
    Okay, I gripe a bit but truly enjoy these opportunities for the kiddos in the community.